What is Gyushi?

Gyushi Singapore serves up the best value for money Wagyu Beef Bowls in town. A touch of Japanese influence as legend has it, our signature Wagyu Dons was forged through the 1800s. With its original recipe passed down through generations, our beef master used modern techniques to amplify its flavours and textures of our tender Wagyu Beef Slices. A burst of light sweetness, balanced saltiness, beefy and buttery umami flavours, blended in with our flowy onsen golden yolk. Soulful and comforting, you will be back for more.

Inside Gyushi

In a small town in Japan, three brothers owned a humble gyudon restaurant. One day, the evil Cowzilla attacked their town and caused havoc. The brothers trained in martial arts and led the battle to defeat Cowzilla. After their victory, the story of their heroic deeds spread far across the nation. The brothers are dubbed as the “GYUSHI” (beef warriors)-famous for serving the most glorious, delectable, mouthwatering gyudon in town!